Saffron Known As Red Gold

The historical documents declare the age of 3500 years of this valuable spice .
The country of Iran has been the origin of Saffron throughout the history and due to its high value , Iranian Saffron is considered as a unique and luxury spice.
Iran is by far the world’s most important producer of saffron with the production of 90-93% of Saffron in the world . The highest quality Saffron is produced in Iran in Khorasan province.
To obtain one kilogram of Saffron stigma , it takes 170000 Saffron Crocus (Saffron flower) .
It is believed Saffron is as precious as gold , hence it is referred to as Red Gold . In addition to being used in cooking various kinds of dishes and sweets, saffron is used in medicinal and pharmaceutical purposes such as antidepressants, treating infections, coughs, skin dehydration , asthma , relieving menstrual symptoms and etc.
Saffron is also used in perfumery , health care and cosmetic products . To classify based on quality, saffron is tested according to several factors to determine the quality of saffron dependent upon three key indicators of color, aroma and taste.
To classify Saffron based on quality, cultivation area can play an important role in the ultimate quality of Saffron .
One of the regions where the highest quality saffron is grown is Khorasan province in Iran.

• Negin saffron with coloring strength of 230 up to 270
• Sargol saffron with coloring strength of 260-210
• Poshal saffron with coloring strength of 25-170


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