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About Us

The administration of Orkideh Ara Mehr Qeshm Company having 35 years of experience in international trade and cooperation with large European companies as well as expertise in domestic marketing intends to introduce the Rose Classic Saffron brand to the domestic market of Iran and also for export to European, African and Asian countries. Rose Classic brand represents Authentic Persian Scent & Flavour

Orkideh Ara Mehr Qeshm Company team is composed of professional and committed professionals. The company administration is proud of having such a qualified team.

Quality Control of Saffron

Saffron must be approved by a quality control laboratory before entering the packaging process.
The laboratory is equipped with modern technology and facilities which are approved by the bureau of standards and industrial research institute.
In the laboratory, Saffron is performed according to the national standard 1.259 and 2.259 including all characteristics of saffron . All physical, chemical and microbial tests are performed on saffron with high accuracy Including color saturation ( chromaticity) , moisture content percentage and coloring strength with utilization of spectrophotometer and the amount of picrocrocin (the constituent responsible for bitter taste of saffron), safranal (the constituent responsible for aroma of Saffron)
Crocin (responsible for color of Saffron) and microbiological testing are conducted to ensure the lack of contamination in the product.

Our Purpose

Iran having a temperate climate, is one of the best producers of natural products in the world.

93% of saffron production in the world belongs to Iran.

80% of the production of Damask Rose perfume(rose water )in the world belongs to Iran.

70% of medicinal herbs in the world belong to Iran.

Orkideh Ara Mehr Qeshm Company intends to prepare all local products produced in Iran to be introduced to European, Asian and African countries and to supply and export according to international standards.   In this regard, the first product standardized to export is the product of Saffron  known as Red Gold .


There are different types of Saffron with different characteristics available in market having special quality and particular demander.

  • Saffron called negin
  • Saffron called Sargol
  • Saffron called Pushal
  • Saffron called Dokhtarpich or Bunched

Our products are available in 1 gr., 2/34 gr. , 4/68 gr. packages, also in large packages of 2/5 Kg and 5 Kg packages.

Saffron Known As Red Gold

The historical documents declare the age of 3500 years of this valuable spice .
The country of Iran has been the origin of Saffron throughout the history and due to its high value , Iranian Saffron is considered as a unique and luxury spice.
Iran is by far the world’s most important producer of saffron with the production of 90-93% of Saffron in the world. The highest quality Saffron is produced in Iran in Khorasan province.
To obtain one kilogram of Saffron stigma
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